Status of Libreoffice Support

Yet Another Pathfinder Character Generator (YAPCG) is developed in Microsoft Office 2011 for the Mac.  

From the beginning of this project, I had always wanted to be fully supportive of LibreOffice Calc/Open Office Calc. Many of the design decisions of YAPCG were made to allow for continued support of these platforms. The challenge that I was continuing to face was that LibreOffice Calc struggled to import complicated spreadsheet files and provided little in the way of error codes to predict where errors in importing/export might occur. This is made more difficult due to the sheer size of the YAPCG file.

As of version 3.0 of YAPCG, the sheet (as far as I knew) was correct in all the calculations it makes. Unfortunately, with each release, I would lose a HUGE amount of formatting and repairing these pages again cost a lot of time.

This left me with the following options:

  1. Abandon support for LibreOffice Calc entirely.
  2. Continue to support LibreOffice Calc as intensively as I have been. This will mean that less content is added to YAPCG as I spend more time reformatting the Eidolon sheet again and again and again.
  3. Get help from the community to make these formatting changes for me and until they are identified continue to release the LibreOffice Calc version as a "Calculation" correct version only.
I didn't like either option 1 or 2, so I decided to go with option #3.

At that time, I asked for a volunteer to step up to help me maintain the file for other LibreOffice/OpenOffice Calc users. Unfortunately, this request never received even a nibble of interest. The problems with exporting to OpenOffice/LibreOffice continued to increase and only a complete redesign of the sheet (starting over) would solve the problem. So as of June 9, 2012, I am discontinuing my support of LibreOffice. This is not what I wanted, but I am presented with too much maintenance for each release.

For those of you who relied on this support, I am sorry.